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    I have prepared this QRS as an alternative to the one with the game. I have tried to include amendments including the recent reply on collisions/ rams.

    Do let me know if this is any good, of there are any errors (which I will correct, and then reissue the sheet).

    Bill Smith

    That’s very good. Thanks.


    cheers muchly


    I played my first game last night, and it went very well even though both of us were new to ‘Cruel Seas’. I think the main ‘action point’ I took away from the game was to make the QRS a bit friendlier, maybe taking a virtual scissors to the one supplied and sticking all the gunfire related stuff on one side of A4 and everything else on the other. (I’d already modified the original QRS to get it all onto 2 sides of A4 by sticking my own Critical Damage table over the St Nazaire picture.)

    The other main action point was to make dice rolling for gunnery a bit more streamline – roll first, work out what you need to hit later when it’s obvious you’ve not hit or missed. And make modifications for range the last part of the process as crew, target size and the speeds of the two vessels will be the same regardless of which gun is firing.

    Andrew Thurgood

    Have you got a version of this QRS that I can edit to put on our house rules. Is there a word version? Thank you


    “Seachlight” appears at the end…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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