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the missions all have a priority which gives you an extra 10% points, the agreed points or loses you 10% points…. for competative gaminng priority levels are normally ignored.  Some helpful sole (it wasnt me!) sat down and balanced the fleets against each other at the priority levels so they are similar points and game balance.

Erm… points…. yeah…. with the rulebook points I can take 3 different IJN Destroyers (DDs in short) all for the same 60 points and get 3 completely different type of capablities in them…theres an alternative points system (SHIPS) which is far better balanced.  And lets not get into upgrading to type 93s can cost 5 or 10 points depending on which DD its on because they forgot to put wakeless on the rules for all of them :/

Carriers – these come in 2 (community termed off RW terms) types – Escort, that have less than 10 flights on, or Fleet – 11+ flights.  Fleet carriers require scouting points to work effeciantly.  This means you get the scouting points so the flights start in the air.  Escort carriers dont really care about scouting points as you can launch all flights in the game.  (dont forget 2 off every carrier deploy launched, then you can scramble to launch 2 a turn)

Terrain – the ship models are much larger than the table scale (1″ is ~1K nautical yards) so terrain, be it islands or sandbanks etc, is a nice factor – rules for terrain is in the main rulebook.  But short hand is if a vessel of more than 10 hull goes within 1″ is stops moving and cant move again.  No torps can go through nor can line of sight.  So it makes maneovering of ships a factor in games.

Also dont forget that torps apply ALL hit modifiers!  And type 93s have to re-roll hits over a certain distance (18″ IIRC been a while since I used my IJN)

with my standard IJN fleet it has 2 fleet carriers which deploy on the table… everything else is a cruiser or DD and gets me 10+ scouting points so I redeploy my whole fleet and put all my 37 flights on the table BEFORE turn one!

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