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Yeah it’s a really fun skirmish themed way to play, and it takes like 5 minutes to learn.

But one thing I noticed was that what makes Bolt Action so fun is the national theme that each army has, and the wide variety of troops to choose from. With Firefight there’s just less flavor, there are no national rules or special rules like tough fighters or fanatics, and you are pretty much limited to infantry and a few weapons teams. So for all intents and purposes, there’s no difference between playing Germans or Americans. And the support weapons are so limited, like cmon, I want to use a Flak 38 to blast troops with Saving Private Ryan style.

TL;DR It’s basically skirmish Bolt Action but with the flavor stripped away, so I really want to see some mechanics added that make it special. It has so much promise, but looks like the Warlord team dreamed it up during a lunch break then forgot about it.

“Also, as each figure fights separately, it seems like cover would be harder to figure out if you’re partially in it.” Yeah we just error on the side of cover. Me and my friend prioritize having fun over bickering about the rules, it’s done us a lot of good….