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Thanks for all the input. I’ll be refereeing a tournament in a few months and wanted to make sure I call this correctly. I have always read it and interpreted it the was Alessio put it, so I feel better seeing that. I had a more argumentative player argue the opposite recently in a friendly game. Sometimes Bolt Action errs on the side of simplicity over what could realistically happen on a battlefield. I’m good with that as it keeps the game moving, but I could see his point.Same logic could be applied to a sniper that has an enemy squad figure within 12″ but wants to shoot at the squad member outside of 12″. Also, I still see a hole in the rules here when the closest visible model is only visible to the spotter and is more than 12″ from the mortar while some of the unit is within. Either way, these tend to be infrequent situations as having an infantry squad within 12″ usually isn’t good for the mortar or sniper. I think I’ll rule that if the enemy is only visible to the spotter, you must measure from the mortar to the figure closest to the mortar that the spotter can see as this seems to conform with the measure to the closest visible enemy rule. Let me know if that doesn’t sound right.