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Steve. I can see both sides of this argument, but it’d be nice if there was something that clarified it somewhere. I get your point, but that would mean the building (or unit) would have to be completely within the minimum distance before the rule applied. It seems like the rules would have said “completely” within the minimum distance, not just within. A targeted building that is 30cm long, of which just 1cm is within minimum range is still a target that is within the minimum range even if some of it is outside of minimum range. Same for a vehicle, or unit. If the target is a spot on the ground, I could see that you can target something partially within the minimum distance, but that seems like a pretty big omission from the rules as far as HE shooting. The rule’s use of the word target instead of unit is confusing too as I could see interpreting the target of an indirect weapon like an off board artillery strike that targets a spot on the ground, not a unit or building. I’ll reread the FAQ’s, but I’m hoping someone knows a page in the rules that clarifies this.