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Richard C


As a fellow Aussie I feel you pain, I don’t buy my figs anymore I print them. The distributor here in AUD treats as if we are mugs (and we aren’t 40K players) 🙂

Warlords need to stop treating AUD and NZ like it’s treasure island. I have a whole DoW 1812 army ready to print from a great graphic artist. The figs and poses are better than any plastics from the major players. Each Kickstarter the numbers are increasing, the message to Warlords: Customers are your business, don’t be lazy with distribution model as Hornby are as well, putting eggs in one basket in a region breeds complacency and in the end harms your business. What % of your OZ distributor sales are Warlord Games, why is he going to care about your stuff? Make the effort to sort out the region and your sales will grow!