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HellRaiser 7

No Nat, I’m not going into the “Historical Trap” of trying to put historical realism in the game. (I’ve been playing historical Wargames for almost 45 years, (I’m 59) I know the difference) I was only try to explain why a spotter could not get his coordinates and send them to the rear if he was pinned down. Back to the Gaming part of the game, when it comes to pinning, you said the spotter can get pins from being shot at and hit, he has to do an order check to move if he has any pins, he can be killed by close assault, he can be pinned out, etc. So if he follows the basic rules just like  all the other units, HQs, vehicles, etc, why shouldn’t he have to take an order check when he is pinned when it tries to get coordinates (call for fire). How come a FAO can’t call for fire if he has a pin and must take an order check but a spotter doesn’t? Same game. Yes a FAO has his own order dice, but the spotter “shares “ the weapon team order dice (like when he wants to move) so why does a spotter doing the exact same thing as a FAO not take an order check but the FAO has to take one? The FAO has his own order dice cause the weapon crew he is calling in for is off the table (7 miles away or on a battleship).