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HellRaiser 7

Thank you for you input Nat, I didn’t disagree with anything you said above (except the actual spotting)  . I know they don’t have their own order dice. They do share it was the weapon team. The Spotter uses the “order” dice when they go to move and weapon team does nothing that turn. If the spotter needs to move, and it(the spotter not the weapons team) has a pin he needs an order check. If the weapon crew cannot see the target , and uses the spotter line of site (spotter is actually calling in grid coordinates) , and the spotter has pins, he has to use an order test just as if he wants move (advance/run). If the spotter fails the order test, then he has unsuccessfully coordinated the target for the weapon crew (cause he for example has the opponent’s 12 rifles and a LMG keeping him pinned down which they do put a pin on him earlier) . Why would Warlord come out with the rule a spotter is always automatically in the “Down” posistion (and gets the -2 on dice rolls to hit) if we weren’t allowed to shoot at the spotter. If I shoot at the spotter, and you happen to hit him he gets a pin. But if unfortunately you don’t wound him (cause he’s a Regular /4 or Veteran/ 5 to wound which is always based on the weapon crews moral) and let’s say you roll a “2” when you tried to wound the spotter, he is  is still in the game , but he now has one pin. The next turn the weapon crew cannot see the target they want to shoot at it with indirect fire, but the spotter has the only LOS on the target. But before the weapon crew fires you have to do an order check on the spotter(cause he has hundreds of bullets zinging all around him keeping his face buried in the dirt so he doesn’t get killed) to see if he has the nerve to look up at get the much need coordinates to the weapon team. (Spotter must see the target just like the weapon crew but he can’t do it if he’s pinned down just like every other unit in the game when their pinned down). So you roll the order check on the spotter (say he is “Regular” ) and with that 1 pin he will need to roll a “8” or less for the order check. You roll and he gets a total of “11” . He failed the check , which means he unsuccessfully didn’t spot that turn for the weapon team , the weapon team has no coordinates for the target (they can’t see anything) so the weapon crew can’t fire and the order dice is placed on “Down” by the weapon team for that turn. Better luck next turn. Please show me in a rule book or the Erratta/FAQ where it says different please. I have players and T/Os all over the Internet telling me that this is the correct way to play the spotter. I’m just trying to verify in writing something I believe and being told I’m 100% correct on. Even though I disagree with you’ll , I truly appreciate your input (Nat & Stuart) as you’ve always done in the past here on the forum .
V/R Ed