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The Sea Peoples Hail Ceasar Warlord Supplement Biblical and Classical armies provides for Baggage Wagons with a base profile of 3/3/1/0/4+/6 and Special Stubborn rule.  I think that is a good starting point.

I don’t see them “attacking”.  So, you may opt not to let them attack and move at the wagon rate (same as infantry).  Now, you have to decide what their purpose was… if they were used as firing platforms, I would substitute a small missile Range profile onto the profile above (use the missile unit’s Short-Range and Long-Range profile).  Consider the unit in cover plus stubborn for morale purposes which combined with wagon 6 stamina makes it hard to destroy.

That produces a profile for a missile manned war wagon of…

3/3/2/0 or 2 (depending on weapon)/4+/6 plus the unit is always considered in cover and gets the Stubborn special rule.  Also, the unit cannot initiate an attack or countercharge.