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I think that the different types of commanders were devised on the assumption that often commands were composed of primarily one troop type, and that some armies had less or more effective commanders for either foot or horse.  An example is the Ottomans where the infantry commander have a relatively poor 7 command, and the cavalry a better 8.  This should mean that the Ottomans have a more static role for their infantry in battle (as they often did) where as the cavalry were the main manoeuvre  part of the army.

I would suggest that you are guided by how your army was split up in to brigades / battalia historically, but accept that you can’t be too rigid.  For example, in the ECW, there are many occasions when the main central infantry command had a few cavalry units included.  Perhaps you could say that only the Army commander can do this in their command?

Hope this helps 🙂