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argh… take 2…
1) WarLord rules are frame-work not pickup tight rules…they are still written in the 1980s mindset of you play with mates and alter the rules to fit what you want, NOT that people play to RAW.  Yes it doesnt hold up that well to the world of modern communications and pickup games with strangers at an LGS or open to public gaming space /groups.  (See the ‘Chelmsford Bunker Napoleons Wars document or the Victory at Sea Wardroom cheat sheets and 101 guides )

2) Extra stands are due to allowing for breakages, as well as fitting the most possible models on a sprue to keep costs down (for us the gamers as well as warlord)

3) extra stands allow you to show skirmishers deployed while still keeping a large visual block of troops on the table

4) Yes WL have a history of needing pickup-gamers not involved in the design side to proof read their rulebooks before sending them to the printers…. lets not talk about cruel seas where you need to read the background section to get all the soviet rules, you need a history book to know which boats have dieseal engines or petrol (as rules are affected by this),  Or the fact that people sent in over 4 pages of questions about the Victory at Sea book less that 2 weeks after it was released…..

5) I DO like WarLord games rule systems, but yes you need to read the rulebook with a red pen then jump on a FB group to find out the common house rules to even out some of that red pen!

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