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I get it. You want the players to work it out before the game. I can understand, for example, working out whether a section of wood is heavy (dense) or light (?) but the actual rule which governs how the wood affects movement and LOS should be standardized within the rules.  At least in my opinion, it should be. I have a historical scenario that states a large section of wood is light. You should be able to look at the rules you are using and find the definition of light wood and its effects. Which should tell you how far you can see into light woods and how close to the edge you must be to see out and how far you can see within the woods. The players should not have to write the rules to play them.  This isn’t the same as indicating what the rubble is. Woods, streams/creeks, and rivers are quite common and are defined in all the rules I play except Bolt Action. Last week we must have spent a half hour just defining heavy woods. So as a GM, I am going to have to write out rules for woods and crossing streams for various vehicles and foot infantry. I can do it but I shouldn’t have to.