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Just my 2 cents here.
As I read the rimes, everything is supposed to be as simple as possible.
For instance, planes are not necesseraly at the same altitude so they can touch base or even move through other planes (exceptionnel when the ram ability if used).
I definitly agree with everyone about a FAQ. The diagrams are completely rights but really confusing sometime and all the little specific cases deserve some clarification.

I’m always wondering how to deal with thé clouds. I choose to play or this way: as soon as the base is on touch with the cloud marker, the aircraft is considered insode it. But it could be play with the ‘more than half the base’ option or the ‘the centre of the base’ one.

Based on the way I play the clouds, I found this case interesting:
I’m already on a big cloud marker with a spitfire (speed 7) so I’m neutral. I burn advantage, so I go disadvantaged to make a manoeuvre. I move 2 then turn 180 and move 2. Technically, I was always inside the marker so I never left the cloud which means that I will remain disadvantaged.

Honnestly, each time we met such case, we settled thing pretty quickly with an obvious solution, so I really think that the rules are well done. Anyway, they deserve a FAQ to get games even more streamlined.