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Mark McLaughlin

Combat Results Question
-i am just learning these rules on my own (played many other sets, have lots of figures)

–are the Combat Result Bonuses extra dice you roll to try and score hits OR are they applied to the end result?

In other words, is this example right (or have I got it wrong)

In combat, two units fight.
Unit A suffers two casualties, Unit B suffers one casualty.

Do you THEN add in the Combat Results Bonus?

So right now A is losing
but, if A has flank and rear support, it gets +2….which means although it has taken two casualties, it has still won…and then B has to take a break test for losing the combat?
(A: inflict 1 casualty, +2 bonus = total of 3 vs
B: inflict 2 casualties = total of 2)

which means to defeat a hedgehog, take a house, or defeat someone in the middle of a line with support all around you only win if you inflict far more losses than you take?

Is that right, or do i have it all wrong.

The rulebook, sadly and oddly, does not have a good example of resolving a combat….appreciate any help