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invisible officer

Aaaah, thats the clue. You asked for the Amusette. I
had not looked into the Perry site so answered about the true Jäger Amusette. The thing shown there under that name is the Wallbüchse that the Jäger had too, a super heavy Rifle.

I guess some AWI authors and miniature makers mix the two.

The HK Jäger had 3 pdr guns (left at home depots) , 1 pdr Amusettes and quarter Pfund Wallbüchsen. Hessisches Pfund, not the British pound.

The Wallbüchse was not intended for battle but siege and camp defence. Picking artillery crews and sentries, in field battle it would be of little use. Slow to load and slow to move.

If you try to drive the wheeled mantlet through thick scrub you will soon get tired of cutting brush.

It is a nice model but in battle just a rifle with a higher range. If one insists to use it in battle games it should be just another rifleman but moving slower.