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invisible officer

I doubt that it was possible to get the Amusette through an American wood of the time. It was no European one cleaned of scrub by peasants collecting stuff for heating but more a jungle. Just remember how one of the last old style Woods in Western Europe, the Hürtgenwald, made transport of mortars and HMG a nightmare away from the paths.

The Hessen-Kassel Jäger used 1 pdr guns designed by Oberst Huth. In Europe they are one horse drawn.
Barrel weight was up to 175 Kilogramm.
Crew was 3 men.
Iron balls got used and in Europe often put into a fire to get them red hot to inflame palisades or buildings.
Other amo used was Grape, 100 8 Gramm lead balls.

Rate of fire was like 3 pdr Battalion gun.

For movement one should not forget the amo transport problems.