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Hi all

I smell boxes of miniatures. Once I open a box and take the sprues out, I smell the box before I close the lid. The best ‘smell’ were the old Esci 1/72 diorama series boxes – no one has ever matched that particular cardboard smell.

Used to paint them with enamels too, but had to paint them in the yard because at that time I was a kid and mum wouldn’t allow me (there were a lot of things I wasn’t allowed to do when I was a kid with my parents, but that was the most heartbreaking) to paint inside due to the thinner smell. The humbrol paints weren’t much available too, I had never managed to find Unbleached Linen.

When I was introduced to gw I shifted to acrylics, though I painted my first Bretonnian knight with enamels. That was in 1997. Since then I have always used acrylics.

Never have licked brushes, but I have a messy painting area. My wife gave up on this years ago, she accepted my inability (or unwillingness – it’s a matter of perspective) to keep the area tidied.

Generally I listen to music while I paint, usually techno or house music, sometimes even classical. My hobby friends think this is weird (or downright blasphemous) because the majority of the hobby community here like rock music. Not me, the sound of electric guitars never ‘stuck a chord’ in me.