Reply To: Rules questions?

Jan Rudolph

@ Nicholas you have to abstract it a bit more.
First never re-roll a re-roll is ok.
I had the same problem you are speaking about and it is cleared somewhere in the Errata, FAQ or something. Will look it up for you! But the solution is as following:

Step 1: Hit a target.
Check for range and cover. Roll as regular.

Step 2: Reroll missed hits.
If you have one or more spotter drones you are allowed to re-roll missed hits. Just do it in the regular way.

Step 3: Down comes into effect.
Check iff the target is down and benefits from being down.
Now, after all hits are counted, you have to re-roll all of them! But the spotter is not affecting them again.

in reality you are rolling this dice three times. But rulewise you have to separate: “re-rolling missed hits (spotter)” and “re-rolling hits (down)”

Hope this makes it clear. If you have any question left feel free to contact me.