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Jim Ripley

I too still have about 80 Humbrol tins in one of my drawers . Got a few left over from my foray into 1/48 scale planes back in the mid 70s , surprisingly , they are still good . Tins I bought during my model rail road days in the 90s seem to have a hardened skin on top but good paint underneath , turned into one solid lump of dried paint or separated with an oily liquid on top and a sludge on the bottom of which no amount of mixing seems to fix . And although I mostly paint with acrylics , I still use at least one Humbrol color on each kit I paint. Anyone remember when Humbrol had their Authentic Railway Enamel line ? I’ve got a small flyer that was included in a Rosebud plastic kit , was surprised to see Canadian Pacific and Canadian National colors listed ( look like 60s color scheme )