Reply To: Rules questions?

Tim Bancroft

@Zac: I’m not too sure whose order is being referred to, but I’ll try to cover both. Disembarking troops have to use a Run or Advance Order to disembark (1 dice – though very few units that can use a transport have MOD, Ghar suits with Plasma Amps being an obvious exception). A vehicle embarking troops cannot make a Run or Advance for the whole turn (p.95).

: If you could cite the pages on which the examples are and we can sort them. In general, the rule is that you can never re-roll a re-roll for the same purpose (e.g. a hit, a Res save). As far as I can remember, there are only three triggers for forcibly rerolling hits and that is when a unit is Down, Sprinting or is Fast with a Run order (p.29) – in effect, a new purpose forced by the defender being in a defensive mode and not the attacker.