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John Mathews

Copied over from my post in the monthly painting competition.

Okay, so my challenge looks like this
5 new concord troopers (primed still on sprue.
12 batter/spotter drones (8 primed, two basecoated, two my old green/white scheme)
6 light support drones (4old scheme, one obnoxiously bad painted scheme attempt and one mostly done in new scheme)
1 NuHu mandarin drone (I’ve just finished the Mandarin)
Here is the mandarin with his basing next to Togg.
NuHu back
NuHu back
Togg’s base is now finished similar to the mandarins
And here are the drones in various states. I just finished their bases before posting this, new picture later.
I’ll try and keep updated in my BtGoA thread here throughout the month unless we want pics in both spots.
Depending on when my order arrives from Warlord, there might be more drones added. Also possible stretch goals added along the way.