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Coloured plastic is fine, not seeing a problem there, my objection is the type of soft plastic used, would prefer a hard polystyrene on a frame which would have avoided the warping totally.

if there were stickers and decals available at launch I’d have no issues either (and would have bought the decals which I gather are coming).

I do get the advantage/disadvantage system, and agree its a clever system, my point was its abstracted the feel of WW2 combat out of the game and made the rules a little too generic in flavour – a few additional manoeuvres (possibly as cards, possibly just as additional things you can do in place of the 180 degree turn – e.g. side slips, loops to move backwards etc) would bring it back to being an atmospheric combat game and could quite easily be introduced later as more things that cost you advantage but may get you out of a sticky situation or help line you up on an enemies tail to put them in one.

Agree its a good game, the core rules seem to work nicely (though do wish the need to line up to shoot was in as per the diagrams not just a 90 degree arc as per the text), its easy to pick up and doesn’t need a lot of models to play and feel good, it just needs bringing slightly back to WW2 with more of the chrome of the period in place even if not used too often to give more of a 3D feel