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I think the confusion is simply down to IIRC every diagram showing the aeroplane that is attacking pointing directly at its target – this implies its needed, which is obviously not the same as stating it is but does appear to be over an above what the text says. ditto with tailing, the diagram shows aeroplanes pointing at the potential target of the action.

So far that is how everyone I’ve played as interpreted it as well.

It is what it is at the end of the day, could do with being clarified though.

My issue is that while the game may well be dynamic, if I’m turning left as hard as possible, to be able to turn an additional 45 degrees to fire, but then not to be able to fly in that direction feels wrong – I thought thats why you had the 45 degree turn – to line up the shot, if its just in the forward arc you in effect gain a 180 degree arc once that turn is included.

Given the game appears to be won/lost by maximising the number of dice thrown and hoping for sixes it would seem sensible to require actual effort to line up such shots, also to require effort to commit to a single target.

Shrug, ahh well, I think it plays better needing to focus, but if thats not what it says thats not what it says – would suggest the FAQ needs to clarify this and for any V2 the diagrams changed to make this clear.