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Pretty much agree with the stuff about content, although the wings thing does get fixed easily enough with a hot water bath. The measurement ruler is “wrong” as well. That being said there are certainly things in there that should \ could really have been caught

I would not mark down the game because of the coloured plastic and stickers – the game is aimed at “off the shelf” play – I suspect there is a desire to see BRS on the shelves in non wargaming stores. You or I may not agree with that particular objective, but if that is the case the colours and stickers make sense

I would however say you may be missing the point with your comments about specific manoeuvres. The whole advantage \ manoeuvre system is designed specifically to get away from that level of prescription. A Split S doesn’t always follow the same path, nor does a Chandelle or any of the others, they’re flexible and variable – that’s why they’re useful. The rules do abstract these things because the reality is that without either a real Spitfire or a high end flight sim you have to have a level of abstraction, and I think BRS gets that right.

It’s a good game, fun, and also a better recreation of WW2 air combat than the others I’ve seen \ tried, so I hope it goes down well