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Thinking for fire arcs you have two conditions, as illustrated

Fire Arc Illustration

By my reading and by the diagrams in the rules in Example 1 Aeroplane A cannot shoot aeroplane B, as it is not facing it. In example 2 Aeroplane B can shoot aeroplane B as it is facing it.

My reading is that the 90 degree arcs on the base don’t determine if you can fire, but do determine the aspect when you are shot at and are used to determine tailing.

This is how we have played it locally and it seems to work very nicely and makes movement matter.

I.e. in your movement you line up on an aeroplane that has already moved, using a manoeuvre if required, disadvantage it (either by tailing or by out manoeuvring it with a wingman first) then fire – you will also fire again in the following turn before your movement (and if far enough back to stay behind a third time).

If you just need to be in a 45 degree arc apart from breaking the visual aspect of the game (WW2 fighters didn’t have “tracking” weapon mounts, but fixed forward ones) it seems to remove a lot from the manoeuvring aspect as now its gone from having to be precise on whom you are setting up as a target to being a lot wider