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I would like a few different ones.
I’d like a Two Doctors set featuring an Androgum set that can either be its own faction or part of the Sontarans. We get Androgum-converted 2nd and 6th Doctors (who can over time convert other Doctors if not eliminated, Dastari who can convert other characters into Androgum, Chessene, Shockeye and Major Varl and Stike can be released as a concurrent set.

I’d like a couple of War Games sets. One with the War Chief and the War Lords, and one with the human resistance. Both sets having cards that allow us to use miniatures from the historical Warlord Games ranges.

An Allies of The Master set for a Master Faction with Auton Happy Heads, The Master disguised as the Adjudicator, Lucy Saxon, and alternate Master Faction cards for existing sets such as Ogrons and Sea Devils.

A Five Doctors set with a sculpt of the Hurndall First Doctor, a Raston Warrior Robot, Borusa, Chancellor Flavia, the Castellan, and an older Susan. With special cards that allow Borusa to “kidnap” other Factions pieces into his own Borusa faction (with a Death Zone themed map).

A Terileptils with their Android (and a Richard Mace figure please) could be interesting.

Security Forces like Marc Cory and Sara Kingdom and Commander Scott would be welcome.