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Dante Darko-Moss

Weeping angels With cherubs
I see they as both hazards and playable.
Angels come in 3 forms
the leader is Angel Bob
Regular Angels
Broken Angles ( there are slower cant hit as well but can “Grow into regular angels)

Cherubs are in either single units or swarms (eacher to hit) their melee weapon Displaces an enemy unit that is hit towards your angles.
single Cherubs should be able to grow Swarms cannot.

I also came up with a “Blink” mechanic which involes rolling the die and seeing in the enemy “blinks” allow a single angel to move even is they are Qaunt locked.

I see them as a big box set with angels having interchangeable upper torsos for the weeping and “attack” posses. I also wouldn’t mind seeing a Sally Sparrow Promo figure for having buying multiple boxes of angels.

Angels as a faction should win by removing a character from the board more VPs for growing angles/ removing half an enemy faction or removing an entire enemy faction.
Roger has seen my base concept and i have the files if needed :).

I’d also like to see Gask Mask Zombies they group in large numbers and are Contagious where after being hit in melee you become one of them unless treated by a doctor.

i see Jamie/ the empty child be a game hazard that you cant attack and can only be removed when he finds his mummy :).