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John Mathews

@John Jones: that sounds awesome. Does your opponent have enough squishy humans to keep them all occupied?

: will they all be from one country? Will you have a set theatre of operation?
@invisible officer: I too suffer from the “Must have all the toys” special rule.

Well I decided to take the plunge on my next project last night. I ordered a Concord Combined Command army box from the summer offensive sale (still £50, but I got a free box from the selections available so I chose the C3M4 drone £25) so £75 worth of stuff for £50 price tag.

Now to show how I’m a cheapskate….

See I’m one of those bloody Americans on a budget and I have to spend my tiny gaming budget wisely. So I’m constantly looking for deals. Right now the exchange rate for the $$$ to the £££ is really favoring us yanks, so ordering direct is a huge plus. My exchange rate from my bank card came back just under $1.34 to the £1. So my purchase wound up being $66.97 which also got me free shipping. Regular pricing for the US is $80.00 for the army box with most the best discounters selling for 20% off or $64.00 and no free C3M4 (a $40.00 kit) and charging shipping to boot.

Now the wait for delivery begins……time to adjust the painting desk and decide on my basing and paint scheme.

Let us know how you all plan your budgets/purchases. Share the cool cost saving techniques.