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Hi there, I am interested in starting a Japanese army as no one else is playing it at my local games shop.

I have come up with this 500 point list and would greatly appreciate some comments and criticism, as I am new to Bolt Action.

– 2Lt + assistant. 60 points.

– IJA regular infantry, 9;men. 90 points.
– IJA regular infantry, 9 men. 90 points.
– IJA regular infantry, 9 men. 90 points.

– regular heavy mortar + spotter. 75 points.

– regular sniper team. 50 points.

– suicide anti-tank. 20 points.
– suicide anti-tank. 20 points.

Which works out to 495 points and 8 order dice. I think with the final 5 points, I’ll buy an smg for an infantry squad?

The idea behind the army is using the infantry to close in on the enemy, using cover etc until in banzai range, or shooting at range with rifles if necessary. The sniper is there to menace support weapon teams whilst the infantry advances. Anti-tank for the light vehicles one might encounter at this points level. While the mortar can be used to pin troubling enemy units and provide smoke screens.

The Tawny Owl