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Community: The GCN

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The GCN recently launched their new website – it’s a hugely helpful resource for wargames clubs!

We caught-up with Dan Carroll, their Vice President – and asked for a quick introduction and an explanation of who the GCN are, and what they do – for anyone who isn’t aware of them just yet…

The Gaming Club Network (GCN for short) is an independent association of wargaming clubs all across the United Kingdom dedicated to supporting member clubs and ensuring sensible standards to provide a safe environment for all wargamers, and of course dedicated to playing games. Set up in 1999, the GCN consists of clubs of all sizes covering all corners of the UK.


Our member clubs play a huge variety of tabletop games from lots of different manufacturers, covering many different genres, Fantasy to Historical, Trading Card Games to Board Games. Through this we have and continue to forge very strong links with companies within the industry

We offer a wide range of benefits to being a member from helping you get Public Liability Insurance to getting amazing offers and discounts from some of the best in the business. We have recently launched our brand new website which has all the information you need to join up and shows you the full list of fantastic benefits.

We are always looking to expand what we do to help our members, and our team of dedicated volunteers are working hard to expand not just our offers but also into running GCN exclusive tournaments and events!

For anyone curious for more information on the GCN, or for information on how to join – just go to