• @Nat

    Your list above, on the Kumano should that be the 1944 refit and not 1943?

  • I redid my list correctly and he was what I came up with;

    1500 pts 1941 British Fleet

    HMS Ark Royal 250pts (15 flights)

    HMS Prince of Wales + 1941 refit 625pts (2 aircraft)

    HMS Belfast 130pts (3 aircraft)

    HMS Dido + 1941 refit 95pts (Radar)

    HMS Neptune + 1941 refit 130pts (Radar)

    6 x Tribal Class Destroyers + 1941 refit 270pts (Radar)

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  • So I was looking at a British fleet and here is what I came up with based on any 1941;

    HMS Ark Royal (15 flights) 250pts

    HMS Duke Of York (2 Aircraft, Radar) 600pts

    HMS Warspite (2 Aircraft) 375pts

    HMS Belfast (3 Aircraft) 130pts

    HMS Dido (Radar) 90pts

    HMS Neptune (1 Aircraft) 120pts

    Tribal Class Destroyers x 4 (Radar 1941 refit) 180pts

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  • Damn, I am such a plum sometimes, lol. No wonder I couldn’t find where it says about Radar and A.Radar for scouting, I was looking at those sections under additional rules, lol. Nearly wrote the whole section out so you could see it wasn’t there :/.

    But that is a whole lotta scouting you have going on with that fleet. Certainly gives me something…[Read more]

  • Thanks guys, certainly given me something to think about, although I read the rules for scouting, to be honest I dismissed them, as I didn’t want to risk potentially losing ships during a game or have them turn up late to the party. Didn’t even accour to me to use planes from ships etc, only had a couple of games so far.

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  • So, I’ve had a few games with BB’s, Cruisers and DD’s and just venturing into Aircraft and Carriers. But I can’t see their worth if you are playing a standard 8 turn game! I was specifically looking at the HMS Ark Royal, but it gets worse with US and Japanese carriers. The Ark Roal can carry 15 flights, in a standard 8 turn game you can only…[Read more]

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