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    Because of costs, and also “heroic” sized 28mm fugues, I have opted for “standard” units that are only twelve figures not sixteen.  I have also opted to base them where the space I have allotted for a figure amounts to 1-inch or 25mm square, not 20mm.  Some figures of some units have been based literally “individually” on such 25mm squares, but w…[Read more]

  • Thanks all — that is very helpful.  I’m fairly new to the rules.  Actually, NEVER played them yet, to be honest (but have played a few games of Bolt Action!).  Am looking FWD to it when I get enough troops painted up!  Fidelling with the rules parameters now just by reading through and trying to get my “arms around them!”

    I will assuredly hav…[Read more]

  • What are “Raw Recruits” in “Hail Caesar!”?

    I read in the section for “Middle Imperial Romans” (as one example) in the “Army Lists: Late Antiquity to Early Medieval” supplement (on pg. 10) for the main “Hail Caesar!” rules, that players have the flexibility with “Legionary or auxiliary heavy infantry armed with spears and javelins” to “spend”…[Read more]

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