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Christmas Wishlist: Starter Armies

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With 2019 rapidly drawing to a close, it’s time to make a Warlord Games Christmas wishlist to let your loved ones know what you really want for Christmas!

Wishlist: Starter Armies


Christmas is fast approaching. Our Warlord Webstore’s Wishlist feature is a highly convenient way of conveying to friends and family (or indeed Santa) what you’ve got your eye on hobby-wise. The Wishlist feature simply allows you to store a list of products that you have your eye on. Once you’ve created a list you can email the link, or simply move items into your shopping cart if you decide to buy them yourself.

To use the Wishlist feature, you just need to log in to your account and then click on the ‘Add to Wishlist’ links, found under the red ‘Add to Cart’ button on each product page.

New Project?

With a vast swathe of products under Warlord’s wing, what might you be looking for in a Christmas stocking? It’s the perfect time to start that new army or even a new game that you’ve been eyeing. Our collections of starter armies provide an ideal way to set yourself on a new hobby journey.

Bolt Action

Our Bolt Action Getting started bundles are designed to get you a sizeable force with all the rules to get your Army table ready, whether you are fighting for the Axis or Allies. Receive a free set of order dice (of your chosen colour) when ordering a starter box with the accompanying army book.


Create your Bundle


Konflikt ’47

Konflikt ’47 takes a what if? look at a continuing World War II in 1947, where the discovery of rift-tech technologies enables some truly terrifying machines (and nightmarish creatures) of war.

Konflikt ’47 Collection

Cruel Seas

Each Navy in the game has a fleet box ideal for getting started with World War 2 MTB Naval combat. Strike Fast, Strike Hard!


Cruel Seas Collection

Blood Red Skies

Soar into aerial combat with the Blood Red Skies Battle Of Britain starter set or keep your eyes peeled for something new this December.

Blood Red Skies Collection


Beyond the Gates Of Antares

Beyond the Gates of Antares pitches technologically advanced human civilisations into wars over control of undiscovered systems through the gates.

Antares Collection

Black Powder

Black Powder covers the era of horse and musket, including the Napoleonic Wars, American War of Independence, American Civil Wars and the Anglo-Zulu War.

Black Powder Collection

Black Seas

Launch your fleet in our new carronade era Age of Sail game with these fleet sets for the Royal Navy & the French Navy.


Black Seas Collection

Pike & Shotte

Covering the English Civil War, Thirty Years War, Italian wars and Wars of Religion, Pike & Shotte brings the formations of its namesake to the forefront of the tabletop battlefield.

Pike & Shotte Collection

Hail Caesar

From the Bronze Age to the Roman Empire, from the Spartans to Medieval Knights, Hail Caesar is a tabletop wargame with massed 28mm armies, set in the Ancients era. Our great value starter armies will set you well on the way.

Hail Caesar Collection


We’ve put together 1000 Denarii Bundles for each of the currently released Warbands for the ancient skirmish combat game of SPQR. These give you a great variety of units with which to clash your way to new victories.


SPQR Collection

Warlords of Erehwon

Fight epic fantasy battles between warbands composed of many races like orcs, halflings or shambling undead. The Warlords of Erehwon game is modelled on Gates of Antares’ D10 system.

Warlords of Erehwon Collection

Strontium Dog

Strontium Dog Collection

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