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Canadian Thanksgiving Care Package

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Looking to take advantage of our excellent Canadian Thanksgiving offers? We’ve put together a care package of extra bits and pieces that you may have missed or forgotten about in your excitement!

Extra Canadian Goodness!

Amphibious Raiders! These canoe-mounted commandos are perfect for recreating members of the 1st Special Service Force, or Canadians in the service of the British Army Commando units.

British Commando units

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The 3rd Canadian Division led the way at Juno Beach on D-Day, and continued on to fight across Normandy and the Low Countries. This decal sheet allows you to customise your British infantry to represent this heroic formation!
Canadian Care Package - Decal sheet

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Themed Terrain

We’ve picked out a few extra bits that’ll help make your bases and battlefields look fantastic! If you want your Troupes de Marine skirmishing through North American pine forests, or your Canadian infantrymen charging through bocage hedges, you’ll need some of these basing materials.

Woodland tufts

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Forest Ground Cover

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Northern European Battlefield Theme Set

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Tom Mecredy
Tom spends most of his time buying books and painting miniatures. He enjoys putting animals on the bases of his miniatures and half-finishing side projects. Some say that he lives in a tower on top of some windswept northern hill with his wife and cow-patterned cat, Spaghetti.