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Beyond The Gates Of Antares: Ghar Military Formations

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Ghar Military Formations

Ghar military formations are built around units of battle-armoured infantry armed with multi-functional scourer cannons. These troops make up the overwhelming proportion of Ghar forces together with other battle-suited troopers carrying specialised arms of one kind or other. Ghar battle armour is in many ways more like a small vehicle than conventional armour, a self-contained fighting machine whose pilot occupies a tiny cell within it and interfaces with the machine by means of neural implants.

Ghar Battle Squad

The Ghar themselves would not choose to fight without the protection of their machines. Without access to mechanical sensors their native senses are poor and their bodies weak and vulnerable. Only creatures that have failed their masters and been reduced to the status of outcasts fight in this way. Their most useful role is to absorb enemy fire and expose enemy positions – a kind of reconnaissance by self-sacrifice that is judged a fitting end for Ghar who disappoint their overlords.

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