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New: Askar Protector-Warrior command squad, Protector-Warrior Squad + Rules PDF

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Tough and always ready for a fight, these Askar Protector-Warriors will happily stand by your cause, for the right price.

Askar Protector-Warrior Command Squad

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The mercenary bands are led by a warrior chosen amongst them, who will generally speak for the whole band, taking such decisions as are necessary in the band’s dealing with other races.

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Askar Protector-Warrior squad

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Askar bands have few needs or ambitions beyond fighting, but when it comes to weaponry and armaments they have an eye for both quality and ‘show’. Bands working within the Freeborn mercenary procurement network tend to be armed in a similar style.

Their preferred armament of choice is the Compression Carbine – a high-status weapon that is favoured by many independent, freebooter and private forces in Antarean space. The weapon’s ability to punch through cover is its chief advantage and the distinctive noise and visible ripple of its compression field are instantly recognisable, enough to strike terror into any hapless enemy – no doubt part of its appeal.

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Askar rules PDF – Digital download

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Here’s a dedicated document for the Askar’s containing the necessary rules, history and stats to field them on your battlefield!