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A big Welcome to Tim Bancroft!

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We’d like to extend a warm Warlord welcome to Tim Bancroft who is joining the Warlord team to help out with all our Antarean development and communications.

Tim Bancroft (far right) picking up the trophy on behalf of the club at last years Attack show in Devizes

If you are a regular visitor to the Beyond the Gates of Antares Facebook pages you will probably recognise Tim as a regular contributor and host of the popular Freeborn Shard podcast (and if not check it out immediately)!

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Tim has been a regular playtester for the Antarean game since its inception, as well as contributing fiction set in the Antarean universe, some of which has been published as part of the latest Open Signal compilation of short stories.

Over the coming year, Tim will be extending the IMTel (or should that be TIMtel?) into the farthest reaches of the wargaming hobby, as well as starting work on his own supplement for the Antares game – of which more in good time!

So, welcome to Warlord Tim Bancroft, and don’t expect us to go easy on you because you’re a new boy! Let the ritual de-bagging commence!

Rick Priestley

Share your work with Tim

Do you have something to share with the Beyond the Gates of Antares community? Something that other players would find interesting or fun? If so, we would love to hear from you as we’re looking to add great articles, scenarios and force backgrounds to the Beyond the Gates of Antares online resources.

For more details, download and read this document and get in touch with Tim for your template to work from:

Download PDF Info.

Tim Bancroft has been longlisted for the James White SF Award 2015 and won the Orwell Dystopian Fiction Award 2014. Follow Tim on his Blog at:

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