Black Powder, Napoleonic Wars 1789-1815

Work in Progress: Napoleonic Portuguese plastics!

Following the tremendous success of our Waterloo and Peninsular British plastics  last year, we’re following-up in 2015 with plastic Portuguese (and more!).

Wojtek has been hard at work (or so he tells us!) putting together the 3-ups, and they’re looking really rather nice! We didn’t want to keep this to ourselves, so – take a look!

WGN-PO-01-Portuguese-Line-Infantry-WAs you can see we’re including shakos for early and later infantry as well as the bonnet de police style cap.

We’ll bring you more details about release dates, pre-orders and previews of more Napoleonic plastic sets soon!


If you’re new to Napoleonic wargaming, why not pick-up a copy of the Black Powder rulebook – which contains all of the core rules, army lists, and a wealth of historical information to get you started, and prepared for the Portuguese release!


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While you’re there, why not take a look at the current offering – there are plastic sets available for the British, French, Russian

Black Powder