Doctor Who Miniatures Game, Work in Progress

Work-in-Progress: Doctor Who Miniatures Game – Zygon

12 Days of Christmas – Day 12

For the final installment of this year’s ’12 Days of Christmas’ preview series, we thought we’d include something rather special for those of you who’ve been eagerly awaiting news on the Doctor Who Miniatures Game….

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Having first appeared back in 1975 to face the fourth doctor in a foiled attempt to attack an energy conference in London, the shape-shifting Zygons re-appeared briefly in the eleventh doctor’s era, and then returned to face the tenth, eleventh and the war doctor during ‘The Day of the Doctor.’

They since agreed a treaty which would allow them to rehome on Earth (now that their homeworld of Zygon had been destroyed in the Time War) – under the condition that they disguise themselves as humans and lived incognito.

A Small band of younger, rebel Zygons attempted an uprising at the Tower of London, but the Doctor intervened and pleaded once more for the peace outlined in the treaty – all has been calm since…

Zygon (Click to view in 3D)

In case you missed them!

In case you missed any of this year’s previews – here’s a quick re-cap!

Day 1 – Algoryn Liberator Combat Skimmer


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This is a render of the Algoryn Liberator Combat Skimmer – the standard combat skimmer to be found in the arsenal of the Algoryn Armoured Infantry forces. It has undergone numerous design improvements over many decades of service and has evolved into an efficient, effective and extremely reliable machine.

It has a fully enclosed composite skin and crew positions for up to three operators who can control the Liberator at three levels: monitor level at which the machine operates itself, shard level at which the crew and machine operate as a single mental entity, and manual level in which the skimmer’s high functions are disabled leaving the crew in control. Although the Liberator can be controlled from any of its crew positions, if all crew should be incapacitated it can fight on as a drone. If its combat shard should be compromised it will take whatever measures are required to protect its crew.


Day 2 – Plastic Churchill/AVRE artwork


This is the (rather wonderful!) artwork for our forthcoming plastic Churchill/AVRE kit!

The Churchill (named after British PM, Winston) was one of the heaviest allied tanks of the war, best known for its heavy armour, large longitudinal chassis with all-around tracks with multiple bogies, and its use as the basis of many specialist vehicles.

Speaking of which – ‘AVRE’ stands for Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers and provided excellent battlefield support to the engineers. Armed with a devastating 290mm spigot mortar this tank was more than capable of cracking bunkers and other fortifications as well as providing the basis for many of 79th Divisions ‘Funnies’…


Day 3 – Savage Core Cro-Magnons


Savage Core is a growing range of miniatures based upon the pulp setting of a primordial hollow Earth – and comes from Lucid Eye Miniatures – sculpted by none other than our very own Steve Saleh!


These are he Cro-Magnons – restless hunters who wander the wildlands… who knows what manner of creatures they may stumble across…


The full Savage Core range is due to hit the Warlord webstore very soon indeed – keep watching the Newsletter for more information!

Day 4 – ‘Duel in the Sun’


Duel in the Sun sees Bolt Action players take the helm of the Desert Rats of Monty’s 8th Army, the fast-moving and hard-hitting raiders of the LRDG, or Rommel’s mighty Afrika Korps, to recreate some of the most iconic battles of World War II – Operations Compass, Crusader and Torch, Tobruk, and El Alamein, amongst others.

Packed with the usual Theatre Book offerings of new scenarios, special rules, troop types and theatre selectors, Duel in the Sun takes players across the Mediterranean from North Africa, where they can follow the Italian Campaign from the invasion of Sicily, through the battles for Anzio and Cassino, to the final assaults on the Gothic Line.

Day 5 – Concord C3T7 Transporter Drone

This is a render of the Concord C3T7 Transporter Drone – a variant of the M4 series Combat Drone which shares most of its characteristics along with its general appearance.

While predominantly used as a transport, the T7 is armed with a plasma light support which also enables it to operate as a lightly armed combat drone, making it a versatile universal fighting machine. Its wide opening side doors give access to a cavernous interior. As it is designed to carry troops in safety its armour is a mix of kinetic shields and fixed emission hyperlight type armour combined with a composite armoured transport shell.


Day 6 – Konflikt 47

You may have heard murmurings around the past year-or-so of a project called ‘Konflikt 47’ on which we’re working with Clockwork Goblin Miniatures.

The project will include a standalone rulebook which will draw upon our award winning Bolt Action rules and embellish them with the addition of some ‘Weird War’ weaponry – including their stunning range of walkers and other mechanical monstrosities!

Here is just a flavour of what you can expect…





Day 7 – Savage Core Simians

Day 7 saw another tantalising glimpse of the Savage Core range which is due to hit the Warlord webstore in a matter of weeks…



Savage Core is a growing range of miniatures based upon the pulp setting of a primordial hollow Earth – and comes from Lucid Eye Miniatures – sculpted by none other than our very own Steve Saleh!




Day 8 – ABC Warriors

A special something for all you Judge Dredd fans out there…


These are the much anticipated ABC Warriors – a team of war robots designed to withstand ‘Atomic’, ‘Bacterial’ and ‘Chemical’ warfare.

Here we can see (left to right) Mongrel, Joe Pineapples, and General Blackblood.


Miniatures and accompanying rules for using the ABC Warriors in your games of the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game are coming very soon indeed!

Don’t forget that you can download the full Judge Dredd Rulebook in digital form for ABSOLUTELY FREE!



Day 9 – Fartok, Leader of the Outcast Revolt


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Ghar outcasts are snivelling, whining and cowardly creatures that wouldn’t hesitate to betray their comrades on the slightest chance of better treatment or remission of their punishment. Such is the general nature of the Ghar who, as a race, have little sense of individual worth beyond the bosom of their cruel and uncaring society. Fartok – however – was different. Fartok was the Ghar who refused to kneel before his masters!

Fartok is portrayed in the recovered and hastily repaired battle armour scavenged by the outcast band from the battlefields of Ephra… but of course you can read more about Fartok and his exploits in the Beyond the Gates of Antares Rulebook!


Day 10 – Black Powder ACW Supplement Artwork

For the tenth installment of this year’s ’12 Days of Christmas’ countdown, the smell of Black Powder filled the air…

ACW art coloured

This is the artwork being worked upon for our soon-to-be-released American Civil War supplement for Black Powder.

The manuscript for the book has been worked upon for some time now, with various iterations being shown at some of the recent shows across the globe – the illustrations, photography, and maps are being worked upon now in time for release in 2016.


Day 11 – Algoryn Bastion Heavy Combat Skimmer


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This is a render of the Algoryn Bastion Heavy Combat Skimmer – the standard heavy suspensor platform used by the Algoryn to mount a variety of heavy weapons. Bigger, heavier and more heavily protected than lighter combat skimmers, it combines fixed hyperlight defences with patches of kinetic shielding. Crew are confined to stations protected by individual hyperlight cells enclosing reinforced composite shells.

With its extra armour and heavy weaponry the Bastion is a sedate machine suitable only for specific duties. It is used as a mobile mount for heavy weapons, in which capacity it often operates from static positions at some distance from the target. It is also used as a heavy breakthrough weapon, smashing through enemy lines and opening a way for faster, more lightly armed forces.

Please note that all of the above previews have not yet entered production, and are still subject to change before release.