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Warlords of Erehwon: War is Coming!

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Warlords of Erehwon, our brand-new fantasy wargame designed by legend Rick Priestley will be available to pre-order this Friday. Get in quick for exciting bonuses!

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What is Erehwon?

Warlords of Erehwon transports us to the multifarious fantasy realms of fiction, folklore and myth, placing us at the head of a fighting force of our choosing. Model warbands clash across fantastical tabletops as humans and monsters, the living and the dead, war over the spoils of victory in a universe of heroes, sorcerers and the supernatural.

Our game has been designed with a single objective in mind – to allow us to play fast-paced and exciting miniature battles on a 6×4′ table between rival warbands. A warband represents your own band of warriors – courageous humans, blood-thirsty monsters, perhaps even minions that you have raised from beyond the grave to do your bidding.

Your force might typically comprise a few dozen models organised into loose groups of fighters, commonly five to ten strong each, or a single model in the case of chariots, giant monsters and war machines. This gives us our ‘warband’ style game, large enough to provide scope for scenario building, with plenty of opportunity to reward tactical play, but at the same time keeping things manageable in terms of the size of our forces and space required.

Warlord of Erehwon uses ten-sided dice providing for a game with mechanical depth and considerable adaptability. An intuitive universal dice test system means that play proceeds at a good pace once players are familiar with the core mechanics. A host of unique and entertaining attributes ensure that different creatures fight and behave after their own fashion, bringing their own mix of strengths and weaknesses to the fight.

Pre-Order This Friday

Warlords of Erehwon will be available to pre-order this Friday. You’ll be able to get the core book and FREE special edition miniature titled “Arise Oh Restless Dead.”


The first 500 people that buy the book and any of the launch bundles will receive a FREE sprue of plastic orcs or skeletons along with their order.

Available from Friday

In addition, anyone who pre-orders between 4pm on Friday 14th December and midnight on Sunday 16th December will get their rulebook signed by Rick Priestley himself!

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