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UK-Only Products

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Some of you have been asking why we don’t sell spray paints outside the UK, so we thought we should explain:

Recently the airmail companies that we use to ship our products overseas have tightened their security and safety restrictions. This means that they no longer allow us to send pressurised aerosol sprays or even pressure sealed paint cans such as Army Painter Quick Shade.

Unfortunately this means that we can only ship these products to the UK (including Northern Ireland), as alternative services are prohibitively expensive.

The products in question are not sold in our US webstore.

In the UK webstore, when you add a spray or paint can to your cart, you’ll see a pop-up asking if you’re within or outside the UK. If you’re outside, the UK-only products will be removed from your shopping cart.


We can only apologise to our overseas customers, as the problem is largely out of our control. Of course we’ll be reviewing the situation to look for possible solutions – we’ll keep you posted!