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Terminator: Escalating the game

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Sam and Owen delve into the final part of our series looking at our first experiences of the Terminator Genisys game.


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Sam: This time we have decided to shake things up a bit and have used double of everything, yep that’s 2 playmats, 20 Terminators, Kyle Reese, Pops and 32 Resistance Soldiers! We have also included some of the latest units in the game. For the resistance we have given them Kyle Reese and Pops, who has traveled into the future to bring the fight to the machines. The Terminators get their new command and heavy Endoskeletons.

Terminator Battle 5 b

The aim of this game was to seek and control a hidden objective in the enemies deployment zone. 5 markers were placed down, 2 in each of our own deployment zones. We both chose to take the middle objective as well, making for a great firefight.

Terminator Battle 5 a

With sides picked, deployment done and forces ready for action we began the game!

Turn 1: The armies moved up into better firing positions, both eager to gain ground. A few Resistance died I the opening salvo, with one Resistance soldier burning to a crisp from a flamer armed Endo!

Terminator Battle 5

Turn 2 saw a Lucky shot with a rocket launcher landing amongst four Terminators, managing to kill one in the process! Pops decided it was time to take action, and promptly marched straight past the Terminators facing him, as his special rule allows him to do so. This makes for some great tactical advantages, as no enemy can target him unless he himself fires!

2015-07-30 11.54.53

Turns 3 and 4 saw more manoeuvring and shot firing across the battlefield, as more casualties were taken on both sides. Another lucky missile hits one Terminator, but manages to affect 6 at once! The shot manages to kill one outright, turn one into a crawler and places a further Activation marker on another!

Terminator Battle 5 c

By the end of Turn 4, we rolled a dice to see if the game would continue, it did not and the game ended with a draw on objectives, but the Terminators had managed to kill more and so the win went to Owen!

Terminator Battle 5 d1

Owen: This battle was a great way of demonstrating how great the game scales up. The dynamics of the game work well with so many miniatures aside. Initially we did wonder how the fate system would work with so many. The fate die enables you to move up to two miniatures a turn, unless a commander is nearby, as when activated he had the ability to activate other miniatures within his point blank range, up to his command value.

Terminator Battle 5 e

Sam: In game of this size the commander is very useful in activated more models, enabling you to further bolster the line and get the support into areas you are needed most. This became apparent when Owen moved up his wall of Endoskeletons, with specialist weapons Endos covering their advance. I knew I needed to bolster those resistance forces there, fortunately with Reese close by I was able to get more men in simultaneously to fight off the advance.

2015-07-30 11.57.47

Overall the game was still fast paced and really engaging, with plenty of cinematic moments, such as when Pops utilised one of his special rules, enabling him to sneak around the Terminators line unhindered, before capturing a key objective for himself!

The Terminator game is much more than a board game, with the option of doubling your force, adding extra elements like the new deluxe gaming mat and adding those heavily armed Endos. Throw into the mix vehicles and new time periods, and they is no telling where this game can go! This is something that I will be exploring in the near future….. ”I’ll be back”…

We’re so excited about how fast paced and action packed this game is that if you want to get started in the same way Sam & Owen have you too can get your Terminator Genysis box set and get a FREE Deluxe Playmat! check it out in store now ….. Happy Terminatoring!

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