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New: Army Painter Warpaints Quickshade Ink Set

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The complete Quickshade Ink range in one box. The colour toned inks are fabulous tools for adding colour and shading in one wash – and the original Quickshade Ink tones: SOFT, STRONG & DARK are easy to use and essential in adding depth to any miniature.



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The set has received the addition of the new FLESH WASH, only available in this set! A massive saving on the individual prices – buy them all in one go – and get the special formulated FLESH WASH exclusively!

This is only one of many Army Painter Hobby Sets available in our webstore, and works perfectly as the next stage to any of the Army painter or Vallejo ranges – such as the Bolt Action Fallschirmjӓger, Black Powder Napoleonic British, or Hail Caesar Bronze Age Paint Set.


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