Showcase: Jez Allum’s (Glowing!) Isorian force

Notorious paint-wizard, Jez Allum of Jez’s Painting Blog is becoming something of a regular feature on the Warlord site… his paint work can be seen across all kinds of Warlord-related Facebook groups, and his brush never seems to slow… though his most recent project features a particularly interesting feature… 

Jez Isorians7

Beneath the glow of a blacklight, his Isorian force GLOWS! 

Jez – I liked the Isorians from the first time I saw them, but it was only once I had a chance to actually sit down and paint the miniatures up that I truly fell in love with these models – the Geigeresque armour has a really gribbly feel to it – giving them a really distinct feel…

I painted the force in a chitinous purple scheme – and added an eerie alien green glow effect on the minis to give contrast. This was achieved by using Vallejo Fluorescent Green paint… and I also added some clump foliage which I made by myself as well, and coloured it with some children’s neon paint, to add even more glow!

Below we’ve added pictures of each unit, with a blacklit photo beneath each to show the effect up-close!

Jez Isorians


Jez Isorians5



Jez Isorians Step 15

Jez was also gracious enough to share a pictoral ‘How to’ guide – showing you step-by-step how he painted his Isorians – showing you exactly which paint he used, and in which order… follow the steps below!


Jez Isorians6



Jez Isorians3


Jez Isorians4


Jez Isorians2

An impressive and (in typical Jez fashion) slightly off-the-wall approach – but one which we love, and which has caused quite a stir amongst the offices at Warlord HQ!

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Article written by Richard Dando