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Pre-Order UpDate: The Project Z Mayhem at the Mall Special deals

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Last Few hours for a post apocalyptic shopping spree…

Food’s running low, supplies are getting scarce, and there’s only one place near that will hold all that you need… hopefully!

Fresh off the laser machines at Sarissa Precision comes this fantastic Project Z-Mart (Zombie Supermarket !). Dare you enter and risk the Zombie Horde as you strip the shelves of vital supplies?


Clean-up on aisle one!

Recreate classic Hollywood horror movie scenes in this specially-designed Project-Z Supermarket – complete with shelving units, cash machines, checkouts, vending machine, and…

…wait – what are those strange noises coming from those air-conditioning units…?

Figures not included


  • 4x Long Shelf Units
  • 1x Magazine Rack
  • 1x Magazine Rack
  • 1x Cash Machine
  • 2x Checkouts
  • 4x Aircon Units
  • Rear Loading Bays and Offices with movable doors



Note that all furniture pieces (shelves, cash machine, checkouts etc) are loose, so this set may be arranged (and re-arranged) in many different ways!

Special Pre-Order deals!

Of course we can see you right with a few special options, roll up roll up as the market is open until the 29th June 2016!

If you’ve yet to delve into the Zombie mayhem with then these sets are going to be your perfect, no more excuses, way to get started with Project Z… the core set is currently Sold Out, and we anticipate stocks to return in late July. Theres no need to wait as the ‘Mayhem at the Mall’ sets contain everything you need to play from rules to figures!

If you’re a veteran of the Zombie wastelands, then these bundles serve as a great value expansion – there are some fantastic discounts being offered, AND it’s your very first chance to get hold of the ‘Doctor Puke’ and the ‘Zombie Beast’ miniatures ahead of release (they aren’t scheduled for general release until late August!) 

There are three options available – escalating in size, and only available to Pre order until Wednesday 29th June…

Not only that – but there’s also an exclusive edition of the ‘Survivor’s Guide for Dummies’ specifically geared-around the Supermarket setting – with eight brand new scenarios and expanded rules adding narrative to your games. Play-out a classic Hollywood Horror movie… break-into the Supermarket on the hunt for supplies, raid the shelves, fend-off the walkers (as well as rival bands of survivors!) – and try to escape with the loot (and your life!)

And with bonus cards Zombies, even an additional motorcycle, there’s no time like the present to ‘Fight the dead, Fight the living’:

Deal 1 – Mayhem at the Mall

this is the classic starter with rules and the basics of what you need including:

The Sarissa Supermarket/Mall set


Boxes and shelf items
Boxes etc
Pallets and boxes
Boxes and Pallets
Male Survivors

Female Survivors


White Zombie dice
White Dice

Rules & special edition Survivors Guide
Rules Manual Fan
Combat cards
Combat Cards
Token punchboard

Pre-order Deal 1 – Mayhem at the Mall, today in Store

Deal 2 – Mayhem at the Mall Deluxe – Limited Edition

Pre-order Deal 2 – Mayhem at the Mall, Deluxe edition, today in Store

Contains ALL of deal 1, PLUS:
Doctor Puke plus special limited cards

Doc Puke

Zombie Beast plus special limited cards
Zombie Beast

Zombie Beast 1

1 Motor Bike

3 Dogs

Both survivor Weapons frames

Ten more additional random Zombies from either male or female frames

Red Zombie dice and special edition play card
Red Dice
Black Zombie Dice and special edition play card
Black Dice

Mayhem at the mall Deluxe
Please note that these  are exclusive limited editions – we have very limited stock of these bundles, and once our stocks have sold-out, these sets will not be available again! These sets will only be available to order until 29th June – so order now to ensure that you don’t miss out!

Pre-order Deal 2 – Mayhem at the Mall, Deluxe edition, today in Store

Deal 3 – Mayhem at the Mall Super Deluxe

And if that wasn’t enough then for those mega gamers out there and clubs we’ve included not 1 but 2 supermarkets in the Super Deluxe Mayhem at the Mall to go with all the limited edition cards dice and figures!
Please note that this is an exclusive limited edition – we have very limited stock of this bundle, and once our stocks have sold-out, this set will not be available again! This set will only be available to order until 29th June – so order now to ensure that you don’t miss out!

Pre-order Deal 3 –  Mayhem at the Mall, Super Deluxe edition, today in Store


Project Z back in stock soon!

“What? it’s out of stock?” – We’ve been blown away by your response to the free rules and the £30 starter Project Z set, so much so that thousands of copies have flown off the shelves in the past few months! We’re out of stock temporarily but show no fear (they smell it you know – the Zombies..!) more sets are winging their way across stormy oceans to arrive on our shores very soon, the starter set may have even picked up a few different languages whilst it was away too!

Keep your eyes peeled on the Project Z facebook and the Warlord newsletter for more updates:


Back in Store Soon


Check out the FREE rules here:

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