New: Viking Raiders special offer!

To celebrate the release of our new Hail Caesar army lists book we’ve had the miniature from the front of the book sculpted. He can now be yours in 28mm as part of this exciting special offer!

We ran a competition for you to suggest a name for the miniature and we can reveal the winner to be the prolific Alec Sillifant with his great suggestion: Harald Steptoesson.

Thanks to everyone who entered – many of them drew chuckles here at Warlord. Scroll down to the bottom of this articles – we’ve listed the best of the rest…

Our Viking Raiders special offer combines the marvellous plastic Viking ship, a box of plastic Viking Hirdmen and Harald Steptoesson!

The Viking Raiders special offer includes:

  • Harald Steptoesson, special edition Viking
  • 1 plastic Viking Ship
  • 1 Vikings plastic boxed set

You can get your hands on this special offer and save some cash at the same time by visiting our new webstore here.

Honourable Mentions

The following suggested names for our Viking miniature made the shortlist and we couldn’t resist sharing…

  • Bjorn Tubbevilde
  • Thor Hammeroyd
  • Sven Williseeyouingain
  • Wulf Medinnerdown
  • Kurt Yergooliesoff
  • Axel Needsgreesen
  • Sigurd E. Weaver
  • Uravin Olaf
  • Horst the Unhorsed
  • Aslac Bladdar
  • Skeggi Issbracin
  • Alviss the King
  • Hrolf Hjarris
  • Thorvrum Chaefing
  • Affa Gudlaf
  • Leif Usalone
  • Thordteim the Lucky
  • Harold Steptoeson
  • Loki Barsted
  • Tor Mehamstring
  • Sven Atenineten
  • Thor Scrotsac