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New Terminator: T-1000 infiltrator

The relentless march of the machines picks up pace as the T-1000 reveals itself:


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T-1000 infiltrators are made of mimetic polyalloy – liquid metal. This allows them to change their shape at will, from imitating any human they have come into contact with, as well as any item of equivalent mass. As well as being extremely strong, they can form stabbing and cutting parts out of their limbs, becoming a lethal close quarter fighter. Their most remarkable trait however is their uncanny resilience – destroying a T-1000 is almost impossible.

The T-1000 might just be the ‘perfect weapon’, will Kyle Reese be up to the challenge? Lead the Resistance into battle with the fast action packed game Terminator Genisys the war against the machines and get your FREE Deluxe Battle Mat today!

Terminator Genisys

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