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New: Sir Bevil Grenville & Anthony Payne & Generals Coach!

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The most loved man in Cornwall and his ‘Cornish giant’ are available to fight for you, make sure that Sir Bevil Grenville & Anthony Payne arrive in style with the new generals coach!

Sir Bevil Grenville & Anthony Payne


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Sir Bevil Grenville, also dubbed ‘the most generally loved man in Cornwall’, was a royalist who fought for his King and beliefs. Under the command of Sir Ralph Hopton, Sir Bevil was an essential part of the battles of Braddock Down and Stratton where he led his Cornishmen heroically. By his side was Anthony Payne, considered his bodyguard and known as the Cornish Giant who stood at a staggering 7 foot and 4 inches, he loyally stood by his commander till his death at Lansdowne 1643.


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Generals Coach!


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The European wars that devastated the continent in the 17th Century were commanded by kings, nobles and the gentry, some of whom were well versed in the minutiae of battlefield strategy and tactics. Although many led by example, sometimes bravely leading their troops in hand-to-hand combat if necessary, a General’s main role was to thoroughly plan his campaigns rather than getting involved with the riff raff. He is a gentleman after all…

Many Generals went to the battlefield in their personal coach. As the old adage says, any fool can be uncomfortable!

Pulled by four fine steeds and driven by a trusty retainer, the Warlord Games General’s coach is the ideal place for an army commander to consider the upcoming campaign and enjoy a glass or two with what looks like his ‘niece’…

The Earl of Essex famously travelled with his own coffin in his coach, just in case. That may have been a little dispiriting for his troops!


  • 1 Metal and resin coach, drawn by four horses
  • 1 Driver
  • 2 Passengers
  • 1 Puppy
  • Assembly leaflet


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Get the new To Kill a King!


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Get into the game!

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English Civil War Roundhead/Cavalier Starter!

A perfect start to civil wars, grab this set and you can make either Roundhead or Cavaliers!
209913001 English Civil Wars Starter

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Don’t forget the Irish and the Scots!

WGP-ARMY17 ECW Montrose Starter Army

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WGP-ARMY20 ECW Scots Covenanter Starter Army

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