New: Sarmatian Light Cavalry and horse archers!

Ever since we brought you our splendid Sarmatian Cataphracts we’ve been planning more Sarmatian cavalry to add to your Dacian armies. The waiting is now over as we can now release two new sets of horsemen – Sarmatian Light Cavalry and Sarmatian Horse Archers.

THe first of these two new releases are the Light Cavalry. Armed with spears, shield s and bows they are a very flexible troop type. The upper bodies are spearate from the legs. giving plenty of variety in your regiment. This set also comes with a variety of sword scabbards, quivers, etc.

You can buy the Sarmatian Light Cavalry in two ways. Firstly as a pack of three mounted models for £8, or as a regiment of 6 models for £15, saving you £1.

Following hot on the hooves of the Light Cavalry are these lovely Sarmatian Horse Archers miniatures. Giving your Sarmatian or Dacian army highly maneourvrable firepower, they’ll be a very valuable troop type for you.

As with the Light Cavalry the upper bodies are separate from the legs so you can position these bow-armed horsemen (and women!) as you see fit.

You can pick these lovely miniatures up as either a pack of 3 mounted models for £8 or a regiment of 6 for £15, saving £1.

If the new cavalry miniatures have you wanting to start a new Dacian army you’re going to need some of the moiniatures below!

The core of any Dacian army are the warrior regiments. containg Dacians armed with all manner of hand weapons, including the lethal falx war-scythe it’s not hard to see how the Dacians gave the Roman military a bloody nose or two.


Our Dacian War Host boxed contains:

  • 3 Plastic sprues to make 40 Dacians
  • 1 Metal Chieftan
  • 6 Metal Heads wearing Phrygians
  • 4 Metal Noble Heads
  • 1 Dacian blowing a Carnyx
  • 3 Dacian upper bodies weilding Falx
  • 3 extra metal Falx
  • 1 Metal Standard
  • New Dacian Decal sheet
  • 1 Celtic transfers sheet
  • 10 Metal Shields

Get your Dacian force started with a Dacian Warhost boxed set today!


Undoubtedly the most impressive element of the Dacian army are the heavily armed and armoured Cataphracts. Wielding their long kontos spear from atop their barded war horses these heavily armoured cavalrymen can sweep all before them. Providing shock cavalry for your Dacian army or acting as Auxiliary Cavalry in your Roman army these riders will make a mess of most things in their path…