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New: More Spartans!

This week we return to the Sparta for commanders.

This pack contains 3 Spartan officers to lead your hoplite regiments. armed with spear and shield, as are the rest of your unit no doubt, they can also double as better equipped hoplites if you so desire…

Of course, you’ll need something for your command packs to, er, command. Step forward our plastic Spartans boxed set!

And don’t forget our other Spartan command option – the Spartan King and bodyguards!

Whilst we’re talking about all things Spartan you’ll be very interested in these lovely Little Big Men Studios Spartan shield designs. Those of you who have already used or seen LBMS decals on a painted miniature will need to persuading as to their quality and how they enhance a model. Once you’ve used them, you’ll never want to put anything else on your shields…


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